mobile app for myKase will be launched soon.

Keep Track of Your Day

Stay on top of your schedule with push notifications for tasks, calendar events and more. You'll never miss an appointment, even if you're not by your computer.

Users can on the go:

  • Add Contact
  • Add Matter
  • Task Management - Create task, Assign, Accept/Reject task, Reassign, Mark status as completed, View Task inbox, Overdue items, Task Outbox
  • Send Communication
  • Make Time Entry
  • View Matter Dashboard – Tasks, Communication, Documents, Court Hearings, Team Members, Client contact related to the matter all in one place.
  • Internal Messaging of myKase
  • Create an expense on the go and upload receipstetc before they get lost
  • Documents - View, Download, Create folder, Upload and View shared documents

The App will be ensure you enjoy a Secure Mobile Experience

with fingerprint identification, facial recognition, and PIN authentication on both iOS and Android, giving you peace of mind that your data is always protected.